NEC3 ECSC: using the ECSC with a BOQ, can there be remeasurement?

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The ECSC provides for both lump sum and remeasureable items. The preamble for the Price List states:

If the Contractor is to be paid an amount for the item of work which is the rate for the work multiplied by the quantity completed, the tenderer enters the rate which is then multiplied by the expected quantity to produce the Price, which is also entered.

This then generates the tender price. However, if we then look to the definition of the Price for Work Done to Date in 11.2(9) we can see that it states:

The Price for Work Done to Date is the total of
• the Price for each lump sum item in the Price List which the Contractor has completed and
• where a quantity is stated for an item in the Price List, an amount calculated by multiplying the quantity which the Contractor has completed by the rate.

The second bullet point therefore allows for rated items to be measured at a point in time. There is no contractual limitation on the amount of quantity and therefore a ECSC allows for remeasurement.