Reviewing Main Contracts

I currently work for a subcontractor and I have been told that under the NEC3 I am allowed to view the main contractors contract with the client/employer.

Can I demand to view this or can they say no?

I am not sure where there is an obligation in the standard form for the Contractor to provide a copy of the main contract. If the Contractor is looking to “pass down” obligations from the main contract then you would be right to request a copy of those obligations excluding commercially sensitive information (before you enter into contract). What the Contractor does is its discretion that you will then need to consider.

Hi Chris,
just to add to Dave’s post, clause 12.4 of the NEC3 ECSubcontract states that the subcontract is the entire agreement, the only references to the main contract are in the Subcontract Data part one which identify any relevant correlation between the two contracts.

Do not sign any contract until you are fully aware of what you are signing up to, once signed you’ll be bound by it.