Subcontracting: Use of NEC3 Option A

Main Contract is a heavily amended version of the NEC3 Option A, including changes in the terminology used to refer to both contracting parties.

Currently negotiating a contract with a Subcontractor, for which I’ve reverted back to using the standard terminology of Employer/Contractor whereby we the Contractor in the Main Contract are the Employer and our Subcontractor are referred to as the Contractor.

In-house legal counsel have request i revert to using the NEC3 Subcontract suite, what contractual benefit does this have?

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Hi Chris I’d suggest you avoiding making amendments to the contract unless they are essential. This will make it simpler and cheaper to get guidance. The subcontract is designed to work with the main ECC contract. The timetables for example in the ECS are amended to support decision between the subcontractor and main contractor.

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