Release Notes up to 2023-04-24 Contract Management Sprints 61 - 62

New + Improved

These releases contain new features, improvements and bug fixes.

* New Task Order Functionality

  • A new placeholder has been added to allow additional fields to be included or hidden on the Instruction to Quote [The request for quote form] This is required for NEC4 TSC.
  • Extra validation has been added to prevent a communication if completion date < start date

Rel 61 62  1

  • There are now new Additional dropdown options [Monthly/Annually/Fixed] for the Delay Damages Calculation Period

  • Where appropriate (e.g. NEC4 TSC), the Task Order Quotation form is now pre-populated using data from the Instruction to Quote [RFQ] and non-editable [so that the task description and delay damages can’t be edited]


  • A new Comments field can be configured for the Task Order Quotation in case the supplier needs to add their comments to the quote without affecting the original Task description [see above]
  • Where appropriate (e.g. NEC4 TSC), it’s now possible to configure that a Task Order cannot be raised without an Instruction to Quote having been raised

* New Functionality to manage Power BI^^

We are soon trialling Power BI with some of our customers, Where enabled, the ‘Manage System Users’ page has been updated to allow Site Administrators to update the ‘Allow Power BI Menus’ status setting for multiple users simultaneously. This is in anticipation of the forthcoming launch of embedded Power BI reports and will help facilitate a selective/managed rollout.

* Improved validation on Add User to Multiple Contract ^^

We have made the additional improvements to the ‘Add User to Multiple Contracts’ function.

  • Added a setting that can strictly enforce that the Party Company matches the User’s Company
  • Added a vertical scrollbar to the contract list on this page
  • Dropdown selections are now searchable
  • The contract list now automatically refreshes and previous selections are automatically cleared when updating Company/User/Party or changing the toggle setting to include/exclude unmatched contracts

* Improved validation to the Contract Dashboard

  • The Contract Dashboard Reports have been updated to include a breakdown of the various process forms that could capture costs that contribute to the price or a price change, which now also includes standalone Price Assessments
  • The query that retrieves the Contract Dashboard has been streamlined, so that it is quicker to load

* Improved Aggregate Reports

  • Further updates to the Contract Summary to include a breakdown of the various process forms that could capture costs that contribute to the price or a price change, which now also includes standalone Price Assessments
  • The Supplier Programme report has been updated to include all available data [Previous Planned Completion Date, Reason, Date Changes, Main Progress, Key Activities, Summary, Changes, Compensation Events fields were previously omitted]

* Improved Tagging

It is now possible to add tags and relations in the Documents workflow

* Improved Translations ^^

We have enhanced and corrected language translations for one of our customers

* Improved Workflow

We have updated the ‘Claims with Quote’ workflow to assign it a dedicated type in order to avoid config clashes with Supplier Compensation Events. Previously these two workflows could not co-exist on the same contract.

* Improved Warning messages ^^

We have made Improvements to the messages when a user or Site Administrator tries to download a file that has already been deleted.

The selected file has been deleted by an administrator and is no longer available. This usually happens when the wrong file was communicated and was removed for security and/or data quality purposes. Please contact support for further information.

* Improved System Processes

  • Added missing documentation for PDF Archive process in swagger to our API Documentation
  • We have upgraded Material UI from v4 to v5
    • Includes bug fixes and improvements over v4
    • New styling engine offers significant advancements in performance when it comes to dynamic styles, as well as a more enjoyable developer experience
    • Fully supports React 18, thereby allowing the application to take advantage of the latest React features in the future

* Bug fixes

We have corrected a number of defects, raised by our customers, or spotted internally.

  • In the event that multiple quotations are outstanding for the same proposed instruction the system will now automatically close out any outstanding reply actions when the PM has indicated that the proposed instruction will not be given
  • We have corrected the % change calculation on the contract dashboard. The calculation had been corrupted during the last Sprint, following recent updates to this section of the dashboard.
  • The formatting of the cost field on draft of PM Assessment has been corrected. It was previously formatted as an integer when it should have been a currency amount.
  • The ‘Days impact’ field has been reinstated on a communicated notice for a PM Assessment
  • The Contract export date is now being set when an archive is requested ^^

* Notes

  • ^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.
  • ** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.