Release Notes up to 2021-07-09 Contract Management

New + Improved

  • New Placeholder for ProposedInstruction Quote Note ^^
  • Allow removal of CE / EW association while in draft mode
  • Updated Save CE logic to help reduce number of API calls made by UI (maintenance update)
  • Added new System Wide Contract Users Register for Admins ^^
  • Added support for configurable Reply Periods on workflows ^^
  • Created a “Supervisor Tests & Inspections” workflow ^^
  • Added support for configurable Quote reply options on Proposed Instructions ^^
  • Improved workflows configurations and validation
  • Proceed with Work field is configurable and disabled on NEC3/4 ECC defaults ^^
  • Added a Clause Type field to the proposed instruction workflow ^^
  • Added validation to the “Instruction given by date” field
  • Asite / FD integration ^^
  • Include “date the relation was created” on relationship tab
  • System settings config page (admin only)


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.