Release Notes up to 2023-02-26 Contract Management Sprint 57,58

New + Improved

These releases contain new features, improvements and bug fixes.

NEW Features

  • New functionality has been added so that a single user can be added to multiple contracts simultaneously
  • There is a new link - ‘Contact Support’ on the login page for non-Enterprise customers. This will allow you to raise a support ticket.

Improved Accuracy in Quote status

We have made updates to any quote status where the PM has failed to reply to a quote prior to issuing an assessment

  • Quotes appeared to be outstanding a reply, but an assessment had already been made in the meantime

  • The status is now updated to “Not Accepted - PM to make own assessment” in this scenario

  • Associated reply actions against any quote are closed as a result of the status update

  • No reply is generated for the quote in this case and consequently no reply date is included in the quote register/report in this scenario

Improved text in placeholders for RFQ and TaskOrder

  • Updated so that the default terminology is appropriate for both Task Orders and Service Orders
  • Updated to ensure the most common options are visible by default

Improved labelling on Proposed Instruction workflow

We have made the following improvements so that the Compensation Reference label on a Proposed Instruction is now configurable. The Proposed Instruction notice includes a field labelled ‘Compensation Reference’ . However, for contracts other than NEC that terminology is incorrect. The field label should replace the word ‘Compensation’ with the process name configured for a PM Compensation Event e.g. ‘Compensation Reference’ becomes ‘A/CA Request for a Variation Quotation Reference’ in the below example.

Prop Inst labels

For the sake of consistency, ID and Compensation ID columns have been re-labelled in the Proposed Instructions register to match the Master CE Register

  • ‘ID’ column relabelled 'Proposal ID
  • ‘Compensation ID’ column relabelled ‘ID’

Improved Help Text

We have improved the Help text on the View Register link to make clear that the implemented Compensation Events register does not necessarily include a full list of price impacts

view register text

Improved Navigation

The Home button has been renamed to Contracts

We have simplified the navigation for Admin users for accessing Contracts and administering the platform. the User Type determines which admin menus and submenus are visible to each user ^^

  • The separate ‘admin panel’ is no longer accessible by clicking on your name in the top right corner
  • All admin menus are now permanently available under the Settings section at the bottom of the left hand menu (below WORKFLOWS and above SMART LINKS)
  • Contract settings are only visible after you click into a particular contract

Admin Panel

Improved User access functionality ^^

Site Administrator permissions have been updated

  • Update Project/Contract Status (Completed/Archived/Deleted) now available via Contract Overview. Projects/Contracts with a status of Deleted will now be visible to Site Administrators. This is required so deleted contracts can be reinstated if necessary and Contracts page can easily be filtered to exclude contracts with Deleted status where applicable
  • They can now delete attachments. This is to be used in an emergency for data protection purposes only. This reinstates a permission that was previously available

Super User permissions have also been updated. they are now able to view contract templates, but are still unable to edit them.

  • New ‘Web Link’ category added to the custom field types
  • Added Contract ID and Contract Number to contract register

Improved Custom fields ^^

There is a new ‘Web Link’ category available for custom field types

Improved Register information

The Contract ID and Contract Number have been added to the Contract Register as optional fields

Bug Fixes

We have corrected a number of reported defects

  • Sectional Completion Certificate Certificate was displaying fields that had been configured as passive

  • On Other Certificate, it wasn’t possible to configure active/passive fields for this certificate category

  • For non SSO instances, when a new user was created the email was not sent

  • The NEC3 PSC default template has been updated as placeholder wording was incorrect

  • When loading the Company Users page the GetCompany endpoint was being called twice

  • User of uppercase in a hyperlink was causing the user to be redirected to the Contracts page

  • ‘Link’ column in new Certificates aggregate reports omitted the unique part of the url

  • Html code [paragraph] was appearing in Works and Defects columns of new Certificates registers

  • Issued Date column in the Documents aggregate report was not populated

  • Notes

  • ^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

  • ** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.