Release Notes up to 2023-03-26 Contract Management Sprints 59, 60

New + Improved

These releases contain new features and improvements.

* New Branding of Notices

  • Notices can now be configured to include the Company Name of the sender.
  • Where appropriate, notices can now also be configured so that the Company Name and/or Logo associated with the sending user rather than the sending party (e.g. to use branding of a partner company rather than that of a joint venture) is selected and shown on the notice.

Sprint 59

* New PO Number on Payment Forms

Applications for Payment and Payment Certificates can now be configured to optionally include Purchase Order number. The form will be pre-populated with the PO number captured at contract level, where applicable, but can be overtyped with a different PO if necessary

* Improved Dashboard

We have updated the Contract Dashboard to include a more granular breakdown of price impacts. Depending on the framework of the contract, the relevant information is broken down on the dashboard. For example, on a TSC contract, the dashboard now splits out Task Orders, Contractor’s Proposals, Price Assessments and provides links to separate registers for each of these.

Dashboard split

* Improved Aggregate reports

The Contract Summary report has been updated to include a more granular breakdown of price impacts - reflecting the above development.

* Improved Contract administration

We have added the capability to force party validation to be applied to Bulk Add User (i.e. if the user company doesn’t match the party company, the contract won’t be included in the list and therefore cannot be added. NB - The Administrator can’t override this.

Where not blocked by the above setting, we have added the capability for an administrator to opt to include contracts where the company associated with the user doesn’t match the user associated with the party.

Bulk user

* Improved Task Order Workflow

It is now possible to configure additional fields for inclusion on the Request for Quote where appropriate - eg on an NEC4 TSC contract.

* Improved Archive Exports ^^

We have made a couple of enhancements to the export of contract data. Although this is ‘LIVE’ it is still only available to BI as we ‘Live test’.

  • Related Items list in exported contract archive are now sorted by Reference Id
  • Deleted attachments are now excluded from contract exports

* Improved Contract administration **

We have made some enhancements to software performance

  • We have reduced the time to retrieve a list of Tags and Related items on all registers
  • We have reduced the time to produce the Payment Summary report

* Internal Release Embedded Power BI – Beta ^^

In readiness for beta testing of embedded Power BI we have implemented more features.

Power BI 1

  • Embedded Power BI reports can now be enabled/disabled for a particular site
  • Embedded Power BI reports can now be enabled/disabled for a particular user(s) (This is restricted to System Owner/System Administrator/Site Administrators and only where enabled for the site)

Power BI 1.1 png


  • ^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.
  • ** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.