New Webinar - FastDraft Masterclass: Compensation Events

Join us for our latest masterclass on compensation event notifications and how to get the most out of FastDraft when managing compensation events.

What’s it about?
Learn about common pitfalls with compensation event process, gain a unique insight into the compensation event process and learn how to help your team understand and perform better. We will also tackle common misconceptions for project teams when raising and responding to CE notices, quotes and assessment.

Steven Evans and Chris Corr will be sharing their wealth of knowledge on NEC and a good dose of war stories from the good, the bad and the ugly compensation events. This webinar will also showcase our cloud-based contract management platform and its key functionality.

What you’ll learn
After attending this webinar you will:-

  1. Know how to avoid common pitfalls with compensation events
  2. Be able to flag some of the quirks of NEC compensation event clauses and
  3. Be able to use features within FastDraft to help keep on top of your Compensation Events

Hosts: @stevencevans, @chriscorr
Date: 22nd September 9:00 BST



Question from @stevencevans “NEC Compensation Events process doesn’t allow the Completion Date to be brought forward unless its an agreed acceleration quote, but can a Key Date be made earlier via the Compensation Events process?”

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Clause 63.5 - covers this off and its broadly the same as the Completion Date “its assessed as the length of time a Key date will be met is later than the date shown on the Accepted Programme.”

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Question from Catherine Senior - if Contractor makes errors in their quotation is that not grounds for PM to make assessment?

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Short answer yes under NEC4 ECC 64.1, as the PM assesses a CE if they decide the Contractor has not assessed the CE quote correctly (second bullet points. Worth noting if the quote has been accepted it cannot be reopened.

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