Compensation Event Supporting Information

We have a date to submit our quotation for a compensation event coming up. We have it mostly ready to submit but it doesn’t look like we will be able to produce all the supporting evidence that they would need in time for the quotation date. Can we submit the quote before the date and the rest afterwards?

For clarity, we can submit the quote and a breakdown with justification, we just wont have the programmes that show how the CE has affected us, before the date we need to submit.

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Assuming we’re talking about the ECC have you considered asking for an extension under clauses 62.5 (NEC3) or 62.5 (NEC4)? Otherwise you could choose to submit late which risks the PM making an assessment or submit the quotation with estimated amounts instead of actuals. Many CEs use actuals and forecasts due to the prospective nature of the assessment, see clauses 63.1 (NEC3) or 63.1 (NEC4).

If its not ECC then the same principle will still apply however the clause references may be different.