New feature - Manual adjustment for Current Price and Current Completion date

FastDraft currently support adjust of the current price for CE. We wish to add an additional admin function to manually adjust Current Completion Date and Current Price via admin panel. The adjustments will be displayed on the Dashboard. This would support adjustments agree by mutual agreement for acceptance of Defects, acceleration quotes, supplementary agreements between the parties (such as settlements, set off, abatement, etc.) and deemed acceptance, which are currently not fully mapped in the platfrom.

@Steve.Webley, @batuhan.balaban and @adrian.von.plato could i get your thought on this change we wish to make to the admin panel, so support functionality currently not supported.

@chriscorr I recognise the need for the functionality to make adjustments that aren’t covered by existing workflow but my preference for handling this would be via an adjustment workflow that put the PM (rather than a system administrator) in control of recording the adjustment and the reason for it. The system already provides a Contractor Proposal form that can be used to quote for things not covered by the CE process so this could conceivably be easily expanded/re-purposed by adding a configurable dropdown to capture the type. The only residual gap would then be for things that the contractor doesn’t necessarily quote for. I would suggest plugging this gap by adding the option for a PMA that is not linked to a CEN (potentially linked to a Contractor Proposal and/or a Defect but potentially not linked to any other form) with a configurable dropdown box to capture the reason.