Release Notes up to 2022-09-25 Contract Management (Sprint 46 and 47)

New + Improved

This release contains added information and functionality to improve reporting and notifications from FastDraft. There were also a number of bug fixes.

Improved notifications with Assets enabled ^^

The following were requested specifically by one of our clients:

  • Include assetLink and contractorCompany in notice response so as not to have to make an additional API call if assets are enabled [This relates to an Asset Register feature]
  • Prepopulate more PM CEN data when raised from PM instruction (specifically, associated PMI and description text can optionally be preconfigured using the RelatedCompensationText placeholder)

Improved Aggregate Reporting ^^

We have added extra information to improve Aggregate Reporting, which will be available via the reporting API. [These will be made available via the UI in a subsequent release]

  • Contract user
  • System Use
  • Hub User

Bug Fixes

  • Restrict parties available for selection in Contract Users table based on party structure defined in template (e.g. Supervisor can’t be selected if Supervisor doesn’t exist in the party structure)
  • Allow save draft for payments with and without attachments even if mandatory attachment set to true
  • Removed “chained” UI calls to the server on Programmes, Payments, Compensation Events [other process groups to follow in subsequent release(s)]
  • Fixed a bug when selecting Rejected option for Non-Conformity [Only impacts a bespoke workflow developed for another client]
  • Reply fields missing on registers and aggregate reports if replies were toggled on and vice versa This relates to replies enabled in the Instructions and Notifications groups only.
  • Response required and close date were a day out on non-UK instances
  • Fixed Dutch translation issues
  • Fixed incorrect prefix showing for Party on CE report - Only impacts Proposed Instructions and only if prefix for a PM CEN is configured differently than for a Supplier CEN. In that case the Proposed instructions were erroneously picking up the Supplier prefix in the Compensation Event aggregate report.


^^ Items marked with a double up arrow require specific permissions or subscription types before they are available.

** Items marked with a double asterisk will provide improved scalability, performance and reliability for the platform and will be rolled out in the near future.