NEC4 - TSC - Option C - Target Cost / Task Order

Good Afternoon All,

We are currently looking at a tender, the Contract is an NEC4 TSC Option C - Target Cost.

For Reactive Maintenance, anything over £1,000 requires a Task Order.

Just for clarity, can someone assist as to whether or not Task Order values would be used in the Target Cost calculation. As some of the mechanical equipment if it were to fail could potentially exceed the total Target Cost for the reactive work calculated for the Tender at present. Meaning that we would suffer under the pain/gain share.


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NEC4 TSC Option C operates in the same way as the other NEC Option C forms (ECC, ESC, PSC, PSS, TSS, FMC and FMS).

The Prices are compared with the total ‘cost’ (Price for Work Done to Date / Price for Service Provided to Date) and a share calculation is made.

For a Task Order, the associated Task price list is inserted in the Price List, with the total of the Prices assessed using the Price List. This means that Task Order values are used in the share calculation.