New feature - Task and Batch Order Workflow for TSC, TSSC, PSC and SSC

We want to provide a new workflow to allow FastDraft users issue orders under the NEC3 TSC, NEC4 TSC, NEC3 TSSC, NEC4 TSSC, NEC3 SSC, NEC3 PSC and other contract forms. In this post we outline how we envisage the task order workflow working to allow you to call off Task Order and Batch Order.

The order workflow will be configurable in the admin panel and can be renamed, the resouresc on the forms can be relabelled and configured on/off on all contract types.

Creating Task Orders

Task Order workflow will be broken down into 3 steps:-

  1. Task Order Proposed Instruction
  2. Task Order Quotation
  3. Task Order Instruction

Task Order Proposal Instruction

The Task Order Proposal Instruction form will include the following fields:-

  • Task Order No: pre-populated
  • To: pre-populated
  • Static text stating " I propose to instruct you to carry out the following Task. Please submit your price and programme proposals below."
  • Description of Task:
  • Starting date:
  • Completion date:
  • Amount of delay damages per week:
  • From: pre-populated
  • Date: pre-populated

The Task Order quotation form will include the following fields:

  • The Task Order programme is attached:-
  • The total of the Prices for the Task (if Option A or C only) or the forecast total of the Prices for the Task (if Option E only):
  • From: pre-populated
  • Date: pre-populated

Task Order Instruction form will include the following fields:-

  • I accept/reject the above price and programme and instruct you to carry out the Task
  • From: pre-populated
  • Date: pre-populated

Once a Task Order has been accepted and instructed where the contract allows compensation events may be notified under the Task Order and associated with it.

Viewing Task Orders

The Task Order register(s) can be access via the main navigation. The Task Order Register will show the columns in a table:-

  • ID
  • Subject
  • Notified
  • Notified By
  • Quote Required
  • Quote Received
  • Status (Awaiting Quote (amber)/Instructed (green)/Quote Not Accepted (red).
  • Implemented (date)

User may add the following additional columns to the register via the column selector:-

  • Amount
  • Completion date
  • Delay damages

The Task Order Compensation Events Register will show the columns in a table:-

  • Task ID
  • CE ID
  • Subject
  • Clause
  • Notified
  • Notified By
  • Quote Required
  • Quote Received
  • Response Required
  • Status
  • Implemented
  • Amount
  • Day(s)

The colour coding of quote received, response required and status will be RAG coded.

All table will support searching by column, global search across the register, exporting in csv format and the ability to create saved filters.

The Task Orders status and Task Order Compensation Events status will also be visible in the notifications panel. Task Order Compensation Events notification status will be grpuped with other compensation events notifications. The Task Orders status will be grouped as follows:-

  • Proposed Task Orders awaiting quotes
  • Proposed Task Order quotes awaiting assessment

Creating Task Order Compensation Events

Not all Task Order workflows expressly support compensation events under Task Orders (notably TSSC and SSC), so Task Order workflow should work independently on the Compensation Events workflow, but the admin panel will allow other workflows to associate notifications.

@stevencevans and @Steve.Webley first draft of the Task Order scope. Let me know your thoughts.

@chriscorr, is it possible to reuse (duplicate) the existing proposed instruction workflow from compensation events with a few fields added on the instruction to quote? It already includes instruction to quote, quote, acceptance/non acceptance, requote and SM assessment?

I also do not think we need to consider the impact on compensation events. the task price list is added to the Price List and so are any compensation events. So the ‘contract sum’ is the original total of the Price List, plus the issued Task Orders plus the compensation event.

We do have to consider task order programmes which are in addition to the Contractor’s Plan

Steve CE steps in FD are:-

  1. Notify (instead on proposed instruction under TSC),
  2. Quotation (quote like in TSC, but not timetable), and
  3. Assessment/Implementation (vs instruction).

I think the CE module could be used as a starting point. @batuhan.balaban can you clone the CE Workflow and add it as a new master “Task Order” workflow. I will reconfigure it and see how close i can get it for Steven, but we need to change anything.

I am not so sure about this statement as the user case for Task Order is quote diverse and i think some users will want a TO/CE combined view and need to track the combined value because its perhaps linked to the budget or PO value. Other users will want to the two types of notices viewed separate and will be happy to have them aggregated into a total contract price. I ahve scoped both views above. If the CE workflow includes both the CE for TO and general change and the user can link certain CEs to a TO by association this would be fine.

Good point. Yes we do but the programme submission workflow is already quote simple so i’d suggest we consider using this. We will need to give this some thought about how the users will use it. I’d suggest we quiz @Steve.Webley and get his thoughts and perhaps Downer group.

@batuhan.balaban Proposed Instruction workflows is a better fit than CE workflow.