NEC4 PSC: PII Level v Cap

Dear All,

Whilst drafting the NEC4 PSC Contract data, X18: Clause… can anyone kindly advise if this is being implemented correctly. I believe the level of insurance, for example the PII is to be displayed in the Insurance Table in Contract data under 8:
“Liability of the Consultant for claims made against it arising out of the Consultant’s failure to use the skill and care normally used by professionals providing services similar to the service”
The PII level is to be stated and years.

Then I presume the limit of liability is displayed in Contract Data:
“The Consultant’s total liability to the Client for all matters arising under or in connection with the contract, other than the excluded matters is limited to……”
Also is it advised to relate this limit of liability X:18, e.g: to
• Client for indirect or consequential loss is limited
• Consultant’s liability to the Client for Defects

Any advice on this would be appreciated.


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@Neil_Earnshaw any advice for Mapreader?