NEC4 Option B - Instruction Outside of our Scope

We are a subcontractor on an NEC4 scheme and have been instructed to carryout testing works to areas of the existing structure and confirm dimensions of the existing structure to aid the Client’s designer in completing elements of their design. This is not within our scope of works and we have no design liability / subcontract design within the contract. We would not be confident providing this data as an inaccuracy could effect the suitability of the design. Are we obliged to undertake this work or can we refuse on the basis that it is not within our remit of work?

If you can obtain and independent chartered engineer to attend, then you should quote for that and execute the work, using his PI to cover you.

If you can’t source one, raise and EWN and inform the PM that your PI doesn’t cover this type of work and all you can do is dig the hole and allow the designer take the measurements


I would be very careful about what you are taking on and suggest you decline on the basis that the additional work is not related to your scope - you could be left holding the baby!