NEC4 Client Liabilities

NEC4 ECC with X22 (early supplier involvement)

There are additional Client’s liabilities referenced in the form of agreement and this forms part of the Contract. If the Employer/Client wishes to edit one of these liabilities and/or include a new one (before Construction), I assume the Contract mechanism would be through the DoV and not through the PMI/CE mechanism, is that right?

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yes, since it is a change to the contract itself it would be bettered done as a Deed of Variation sign by the parties.


I know this is going to sound really basis and some of you may even feel like not responding but please assist if you are able. I am trying to find out whether the NEC suite of contracts come with a standard “form of agreement”

A form of agreement is not a standard NEC document, although a sample form is included within the NEC Guidance Notes.

Thank you for coming back to me. That response will do, I will look up the sample you referred to and get an idea of things they “recommend”.