NEC3 ECS: Where does the Schedule of Cost Components sit?

Very new to NEC Contracts!

Where does the schedule of cost components usually sit in an Option A Subcontract? I have started a new role recently and there are several Option A Subcontracts on jobs I have inherited.

On one of the contracts the subcontractor has quoted a CE using among other things some rates for various operatives.

I would have expected to see such rates on a schedule of cost components and I assumed that would be located in Contract Data Part Two.

Contract Data Part Two of the proformas I am using has been “customised” by the contractor I am working for and contains no such rates. Is this where they would normally sit?

Many thanks in advance.

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An unamended contract does not have a standard “schedule of rates”. This could have been done at tender stage and incorporated into the contract, but if not then all compensation events will be assessed from first principles using defined cost - which for option A is building up the quotation using the rules within the shorter schedule of cost components. The guidance notes give a bit more commentary/description as to what each of the elements is intended to include.