NEC3 ECC: Project Manager issuing the Risk Register

How soon after a risk reduction meeting should the PM revise / issue the Risk Register - is it within the period? In any case should it be within the period for reply as stated in CD1?


As you’ve identified there is no prescribe time within clause 16 within which the Risk Register should be revised. There are two ways of looking at this.

The first is that it should be within a timescale that makes sense with respect to the discussions at the risk reduction meeting. I.e. if immediate action is required then the Project Manager should aim to issue the revised Risk Register as soon as possible. The Risk Register is the document that records the agreement of the Parties and therefore is critical from a commercial aspect.

The second way of looking at it is that it is a communication response and therefore it should be responded to within the period for reply.

I’m unable to fathom why a Project Manager would not quickly issue a revised Risk Register. Per 13.1 and 13.2 communications have to be in a format that can be read, copied and recorded for them to have contractual effect. If there are mitigating actions that the Project Manager has agreed to be undertaken, by either Party, then the Risk Register is the document that gives them that contractual effect. Not giving effect to the agreement merely runs the risk that the risks will grow in size and become a bigger problem than they need to be.