NEC PSC: Communication change of Service Manager

How do you communicate a change in Service Manager using FastDraft?

FastDraft is one of the newest system available to the market for managing the flow of NEC communications on a project.

There are two elements to this question - one is how is it done contractually, and then secondly how is it done specifically within FastDraft.

It depends on contractually how it is done. The fact you state Service Manager shows that this is NEC4 rather than NEC3. Clause 14.5 states that the Client may replace the Service Manager after notifying the consultant of the name of the replacement. Equally rather than replace them, the original Service Manager may delegate their powers down to this other person. Depending on how this is being done will depend on how it is done in the system. It is expected/anticipated that the Client would have administration rights to act as the Service Manager, so would suggest that a Service Manager notification would be the cleanest way and it is in the drop down list within that form i.e. in accordance with 14.5 we notify you of the following change in Service Manager". There is a separate tab in FastDraft if instead this is being done by delegation rather than replacing the person altogether.