NEC ECC: Communications following delegation of Project Manager's duties.

Scenario: The PM has delegated certain of his duties to a.n. other. These duties do not include matters which have an effect on the Prices.

Questions: To whom should communications be directed following a delegation of duties, the original PM, a.n. other or both? How would we treat a communication where we do not yet know whether or not it may affect the Prices?

Interesting question! If you are using an online portal for managing your flow of NEC communication such as FastDraft then the administration rights will all sort themselves out automatically.

However, in your example I would suggest sending them to the original named PM, but by all means you could C/C in the delegated person. The delegation is for that person to act on their behalf as well as (rather than instead of).

Glenn’s response is absolutely correct under NEC4 as the delegation of duties by the Project Manager does not prevent the Project Manager from also doing them.

Under NEC3, this was not necessarily the case - it would depend what was said in the notification of the delegation and in your case how precisely the delegation was worded. If it was “This delegation does not include matters which have an effect on the Prices” that is pretty wooly and subjective, so I would follow Glenn’s advice.