NEC Option B: Client saying Contractor responsible for quantities

A public sector procurement body has recently moved to NEC. They have issued new ITT’s under NEC Option B however the BOQs they provide state the following on every Bill Page section
’‘Note: The contractor is responsible for all quantities contained within this Price List and no additional payment will be made if differences are discovered. Employer retains right to omit items of work contained in the Price List and receive the value in monetary savings.’'
Each Bill section also includes ask the contractor to add in and price ‘any other items’ required to complete the works

Am I correct in saying this is the completely incorrect way to use option B and that any difference in the actual works vs the BOQ will have to be treated as a CE under clauses 60.6 and 60.7. There are no Z clauses relating to the matter in the contract data either.

I’d agree that it definitely defeats the purpose of this particular Option :man_facepalming:

It would be poor drafting to also leave in the clauses that relate to change in quantities as well as that amendment as it directly conflicts with each other.