NEC ECS: Under 61.4, how long has the Contractor got in the first instance to respond?

Clause 61.4 does not state how long the Contractor has to notify his decision, it just states that if he has failed to respond to the reminder within 3 weeks it is treated as acceptance. How long after notifying the Contractor of a Compensation Event do you issue the notice of his failure.

There is also appears to be a contradiction of time allowed for issue of quotation 61.4 states 2 weeks, however, 62.3 states 1 week.

Clause 61.4 states that the Contractor has to respond to a notified compensation event within two weeks. Once this period has been exceeded, the Subcontractor may notify that there has been a lack of response, and after three weeks it would be deemed accepted that it is a compensation event and they could go ahead and produce/submit the quotation.

62.3 states that the contractor submits their quotation within one week of it being accepted (or in this case deemed accepted). There is no contradiction between these clauses and their timescales.

Hi Glenn, Thanks for your prompt response, I had realised that when re-reading but didn’t know how to pull back the question.

That is all right - don’t feel bad about answering your own question! I am sure other people will find it useful anyway.