NEC3 ECSC: Compensation event timescales

Under clause 62.1 of the ECSC, the Contractor is required to submit a quotation ‘within two weeks of being instructed to do so by the Employer or, if no such instruction is received, within two weeks of the notification of a compensation event.’ If the Contractor does not submit a quotation within two weeks does this go straight to Employer Assessment?

I note Clause 62.4 gives opportunity for the Employer to assess the compensation event but this specifically refers to receipt/non receipt of the revised quotation, not the original.

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Under clause 62.3, if the Contractor does not provide a quotation then the Employer assesses and notifies the Contractor of his assessment.

The whole CE process is less rigorous in the short contract compared to the ECC, and less recourse if for example the Employer does not respond within the timescale with their assessment.

Thanks Glenn.

I think what I failed to mention is that my Framework Contract utilizes the ECSC June 2005 version which is silent the course of action if the Contractor does not submit a quotation within two weeks window. Obviously in the April 2013 latest edition to which you refer, clause 62.3 has been amended to provide clear resolution.

Unfortunately I’m stuck with the 2005 non closure ECSC version!