NEC ECS: Additional terms associated with key people

Under the “Part two - Data provided by the Subcontractor” - “The key people are:” there are a couple of new fields (or at least new to me), namely:
Notice Period: [●]
key person compensation: [●]

Could you please assist with what should be entered here?

These are Z clause amendments and you should look at your amendments to see how these will be applied.

Slightly strange they are in data part 2, I would have expected them to state in data part 1 how much notice you need to give if you plan to swap a Key Person, and how much compensation event you will have to pay if you have to swap a key person for a reason not stated in the contract. I doubt they are asking you to offer these as part of your competitive bid? You are unlikely to offer a long notice period or large sum of compensation if you have the choice!

If in doubt or not clear - ask them what they expect!


Your prompt response is much appreciated.

It is the first time I have encountered this within the Data Part 2 hence found it ambiguous.

I shall enquire with regards to their expectation.

Many thanks and much appreciated.