NEC4 Clause 24 wording

Quick question about the introduction of the term key person into NEC4 (June 2017), specifically into clause 24.1.

Totally understand the idea behind the new term, but the wording of clause 24.1 still doesn’t complement the good intention. Surely the clause should read that the details of a proposed replacement key person - not “person” - are submitted to the Project Manager for acceptance?

Clause 24.1 refers to (key person) in italics which simply means that they are identified in the Contract Data part two.

A replacement person would only become a key person (in italics) if they are accepted by the PM, so the words replacement person are okay.


Thanks Barry for the reply. Makes sense when you explain it like that. I see there is a typo in the Managing a ECC contract user guide relating to clause 24.1 (page 23). It references the key persons in Option X23 - that should read X22 I presume. One to flag up to the NEC Panel.

Just on that point, why does the X22.4 clause recognise that the Contractor may lose (and have to replace) a key person through no fault of their own (second bullet point) whereas similar provision does not appear to be explicitly stated in core clause 24.1? Perhaps it is implied by the way clause 24.1 is worded?