NEC3 ECC Hybrid contract; option A & C

We are about to go out to tender on an unamended NEC3 ECC contract and the PM has said he wants this to be split between option A (procurement and fabrication of vessels and components) and option C (installation and commissioning of vessels & components). Due to lead times and the specialist nature of the components, activities under option A and C will overlap/run concurrently.

I have stated this will require multiple amendments to clauses and Contract Data part one to ensure that the contract is interpreted and administered in the correct way.

Would you be able to provide a high level overview of clauses that would be contradicted/require amending given this approach? The PM has said all we need to do is put “appropriate wording” in Contract Data part one stating which activities are categorized under each option.


Massimo I’d strongly suggest you don’t try and do this. The contract is designed to work with a single main option. A simpler solution would be to incorporate the NEC framework agreement and call two NEC ECC for both packages and just use different main options for each. This involves no amendments.

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