NEC ECC: Tyre puncture repair included in Defined Cost?

Just received an invoice from the Contractor for tyre puncture repair to a works vehicle and just wondering whether it is Defined or Disallowed Cost?
If it is Defined Cost, what clause of SCC in NEC3 is it covered by?

If by works vehicle you mean a company car or van, then examine the allowance made in the SCC under People cost item 13 (n) for a company vehicle. Most company vehicles nowadays are sourced through a leasing company with packages that often include ‘cost of use’ including tyre replacement and other ancillaries as ‘wear and tear’.

This is not always the case, however, but hopefully you will have already been through the process of auditing and confirming the various components within People cost to know and understand what the breakdown (forgive the pun) includes for.

If the ‘works vehicle’ is Equipment, there is an argument for saying a new tyre is ‘Equipment which is consumed’. I.e. Equipment 25 of the SCC.

You may also check the list of items covered by WAP in SOCC 44 if such item is included. If it is included then relative cost shall be covered by WAP and shall not be reimbursed directly. If not, then identify if the works vehicle your are mentioning is classified as Equipment or vehicle under SOCC 13(n)
If it is vehicle under SOCC 13(n) cost of maintaining the vehicle shall be paid to the Contractor and Working Area Percentage shall be applied. If Equipment, only the maintenance cost shall be paid and WAP shall not apply.

Basically, maintenance cost for vehicles specifically intended for the project is not a Disallowed Cost except if such vehicle is supplied by a transport service provider and its contract specifies that the service provider shall be responsible for maintaining its vehicles.