NEC ECC: Temporary change to the working area

A contract under the ECC Option A has been awarded on a single phase basis with Option X5 deleted. The client now wishes to give an adjoining area of land over to the contractor to assist in their site set-up and working but is insisting that this is temporary and can be called back with a month’s notice. Although adjacent, this land was not identified in the working area.

Basically, we need to extend the working area for specific time period.

The client is not looking to seek delay damages for these additional working areas, just needs to be certain that they can get them back if needed.

Any advise on how this can be accommodated through the CE process would be appreciated.

Neil, it may be worth considering capture the agreement in a supplemental agreement (or a DoV) since I presume the Client may want to impose some form of damage if the area is not handed back when required.