NEC ECC: Replacement of the Project Manager

The appointed EPCm Contractor is changing the Project Manager, with approval from Employer.

What template should be used in order to affect the change of the detail in the Contract Data?

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Couple of points here.

Firstly this is the Contractors project manager, rather than “Project Manager” (the capital P capital M “Project Manager” being the Employers representative). If this was a “key person” named by Contractor in contract data part 2 then they need to notify (in writing) for acceptance an alternative person. If that person is not equally qualified or experienced, then the Project Manager can reject that person. If they do accept them then the Project Manager(Employer) just needs to communicate (in writing) of their acceptance to the Contractor. There is no need to go back into the contract data document and change it. The written communication confirming the alternative person is accepted is what you need.

You never need to go and change anything in contract data, but in accordance with the contract items in contract data can evolve. Another example would be Completion Date. If contract data stated it was 1st June 2017, and there is a compensation event that entitles it to be moved by one week, the notification if the implemented compensation should state the one week delay - you don’t go into contract data as a document and need to change it from 1st to 8th June.