NEC3 ECC: Replacing Project Manager

Generally I’ve been curious as to how the NEC suite of contracts deals with replacing the Project Manager besides Clause 14.4 and insurance clause 87.1. Is the a practical scenario where by a project has progressed without a Project Manager or Site Agent?

Project Manager is the person appointed by the Employer within the ECC contract (and the only contract this name appears). This person makes all the decisions and issues all the instructions/notifications under the contract and is given the power to do so by the Employer when they name that person in contract data part 1. The Project Manager can delegate any of their powers by communicating in writing to the Contractor, and the Employer would have to communicate to the Contractor if the Project Manager for what ever reason is needed to be replaced.

Contract does not use the term “Site Agent”, and no the contract can not really commence without one as there will be no one authorized to respond to communications, notify or issue instructions.