NEC ECC: On FastDraft is there away in which to award the PM an extension of time to review a programme for acceptance..?

I’m a contractor and id like to award our PM a 1 day extension to review and accepted our submitted programme for acceptance but unlike CE’s where there is a function to do that I cannot find a similar function for programmes

There is not such a function on FastDraft I am afraid as we are trying to encourage people to work within the timescales of the contract. If we added loops for every type of communication to be extended it could encourage wrong behaviours which we are trying to avoid.

However, the fact they are going to be a day late whether an extension is granted or not is not going to be an issue to either party. Once they do respond, it will confirm the date it was accepted/rejected and there will be no real issue here at all.

I commend you for trying to be so specific and not show for one day they are late, but it is of no contractual significance if they are one day late especially with programme. If only all Clients were only one day late with a programme response!