NEC ECC: PM's reply to a programme re-submission

When a Contractor re-submits a programme after addressing the reasons why it was not accepted, is he doing so in accordance with clause 32.2 bullet 1, clause 13.4 or both?

Considering this, when should the PM reply to the re-submitted programme. Are the 2 weeks reply (clause 31.3) also applicable to re-submissions or should the period of reply be used instead (clause 13.3)?

If a programme is rejected (and now under NEC4 it is very clear they have to state the reasons why in enough detail that allows the Contractor to correct the submission) the Contractor submits the revised programme within the period of reply (13.4) and then the PM has to respond to that one with acceptance/non-acceptance within two weeks (31.3).

Those are obviously the maximum timescales and given how important the Accepted Programme should be to both Parties, both sides should try to reduce those timescales as much as possible and once the revised programme is submitted get round the table to check the comments have been addressed so it can be accepted within days not weeks.