NEC ECC - Italics and Capitals

Using the PSC as an example;

Italics are used for terms which are identified in the PSC Contract Data and

Capital initials are used for terms defined in the PSC

Is there any example or cases where the above has not been properly applied and something like a CE has fallen in favour of a party ?

For example if the Scope stated the ‘employer will…’ but the employer in that sentence was not italicised or capitalised as it should, meant the employer did not have to ?

This is something which is heavily enforced within my business when preparing Scope documents and Works Information’s so I’m just curious what the repercussions are if this were to slip ?

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I know of no instances where this has happened, but I personally am a stickler for the correct use of italics and capital initials. If it ever got tot he courts, there would have to be two different interpretations for it to be an issue.

This question might be best asked on the LinkedIn BuiltIntelligence NEC forum where there are more contributors.