NEC PSC: Who pays for preparing a quotation?

As the Client we have PSC contracts, some Option A and some Option E – when do we ever pay for preparing a Quotation?

If we issue a Employers Instruction (and not a proposed instruction) does the Consultant recover quoting costs in his fee only??

Are there any exceptions/ Is this different for ECC contracts?

Under option E, you are paying Defined Costs, so if the Consultant is incurring additional Defined Costs in providing a forecast - for that is all it is under option E - you pay those Defined Costs.

Under option A, clause 62.7 states “The cost of preparing quotations for compensation events is not included in the assessment of compensation events.” Taken literally, this means the cost of putting together the quotation for the Employer to assess and not the changed in Defined Cost of planning it etc. .