NEC ECC: If there will only be one contractor on a project, but multiple designers, who coordinates the design work and assists the Client in developing the pre-contruction information?

CDM 2015 mandates that the Client appoint a Principal Contractor (PC) and a Principal Designer (PD) if there is, or is anticipated to be, more than one contractor. However, I cannot find guidance on whether a PD ‘must’ be appointed under other circumstances, such as outlined in my question above. The only other guidance I can find states that the Client ‘should’ appoint a PD as early as possible (but presumably doesn’t have to), and that if there is more than one contractor and the Client doesn’t appoint a PC and PD then they take on these responsibilities. Any assistance with this query would be very much appreciated.

It’s usual for the Client to appoint a Principal Designer to prepare the pre-construction information as they can’t go out to tender without issuing this to bidders. The Client will also need assistance to produce the Works Information and Site Information and it wouldn’t be uncommon for this to be the same party acting as Principal Designer.

I think the “should” refers to the fact that they should do it as early as possible, not that they are allowed not to appoint one at all.