When do you appoint dutyholders (CDM co-ordinators/principal contractors)?

For notifiable projects, clients should appoint CDM co-ordinators and principal contractors sufficiently early for the benefits of their involvement in project planning and development to be felt. Designers are not permitted to develop their designs beyond initial design if the client has not appointed a CDM co-ordinator.

“the client must appoint a competent, adequately resourced CDM co-ordinator as early as possible, and before initial design work or other preparations for construction work have been completed.

The CDM co-ordinator must be appointed early – because the role is crucial for the effective planning and establishment of health and safety management arrangements from the start of the project. The CDM co-ordinator must be appointed before detailed design work begins.

The client must appoint one competent, adequately resourced principal contractor to plan, manage and monitor the construction work. The principal contractor must be appointed before construction work starts, and as soon as the client knows enough about the project to select a suitable contractor.