NEC ECC: How is clause 72.1 interpreted in removing equipment?

How is clause 72.1 interpreted when it stipulates that the Contractor is required to remove Equipment that is no longer needed? Who decides when an Equipment is no longer needed - if the Employer demands removal but the Contractor believes that he may need it in the future how does the contract cover this.

Clause 72.1 is just there to make sure that the Contractor is working efficiently. Under options A/B there is probably no remedy even if the Contractor fails to remove it if instructed, but under option C/D/E it could lead to a disallowed cost. It would be for things like keeping an excavator on site that could have been off-hired, and therefore not a cost incurred that was necessary to Provide the Works. Clause 72.1 is also confirming that equipment can remain only of the Project Manager agrees it can be left in the works e.g. sheet piling.

This should be a case of talking to the Project Manager If you still need the equipment you would like to think it should be a simple explanation as to why you need it to provide the works. If you are adamant that you need it then raise an early warning as to the problems it could cause or simply you can not complete the works without it. If they did take money off as a disallowed cost then you could challenge this through the dispute process.