NEC ECC: Cl31.2 states that the programme should include a statement of principal equipment and other resources, is this principal resources or all resources?

We are currently in the design phase of a D&B project and the client is pushing for all activities to include detailed resources not just to gang level but down to individuals with detailed plant and material quantities. When challenged they respond by quoting Cl 31.2 and tell us this is what the contract demands.

Being in the design phase the scope is still indeterminate and the construction programme fairly high level. What is the understanding of the phrase “statement of principal equipment and other resources” and the level of detail required.

You would like to think common sense and logic would prevail here. The contract does not specify exactly what principle resources means as a definition, however the guidance notes states “in the early stages of the contract the statement will probably lack detail. As the work progresses, the statement may be revised to reflect more detail”.

You need to sit with your client and ask what they are looking to achieve here. What is the point in adding precise detail that is unlikely to be correct and would be a wasted effort which then needs to be updated with the correct information.

This really is a case of sitting down with them and agreeing a practical realistic agreement as to what is practical and beneficial to both Parties at this stage. The design has not yet been agreed, so your construction activities will not be finalised yet, so what is the point in putting specific resource detail on activities that are not yet assured to be taking place?