NEC ECC: Clause 31.2 Programme - items to be shown on the programme

acceptances - could you expand on what this could entail
information from others - could you expand on what this could entail


Others are defined under clause 11.2 (10) and are generally third parties who are connected with the works and who may be working in the working areas, for example Statutory Undertakers.

Therefore when clause 32.1 refers to “the dates when, in order to Provide the Works in accordance with his programme, the Contractor will need information from Others” covers the situation where the Contractor requires information to be able to do his work eg confirmation of power outages.

Dave has answered half of your question.

You also asked about “acceptances”. This would be for items such as design acceptance, where by the Contractor submits a design for acceptance and you need to show the acceptance period (which will be the period of reply unless the Works Information states anything different). This will be a hold point, and until accepted the Contractor cant proceed with the next item which would presumably be something like procurement or installation. Contractor needs acceptance of a subcontractor before an order is placed with them. Anything where acceptance is needed before it would affect another activity from happening is what should be shown on the programme.

I think the key points on this is to highlight in the programme key tasks/ activities that are essentially a gate to open to allow the next step to be taken. So if you need acceptance of a method statement or a drawing before proceeding to the next stage, then an activity/ milestone should be added.

Likewise, if you need design information to complete your design, or proceed with procurement, then this should be identified within the programme also.

It’s important to have these items within the programme as in the event of delay the first question is: when did you need this information by. If it’s in the programme, it’s clear and consise. Likewise though, ensure the dates shown are correct.