NEC ECC: Changes to Completion Date

The First programme accepted by the PM indicates ‘planned Completion and Complete Date’ to be the same. The following programme update was impacted to including an event that was known. This event moves the 'Planned Completion’ 1 month beyond the previously accepted programme ‘Completion Date’.
The event is still in the EWN stages and has not progressed to the CE stage, as it was known we wanted to show a realistic impacted programme in our update; therefore, we impacted the programme to show this impact.
The PM accepted the updated programme indicating the ‘Planned Completion date’ to be 1 month after the ‘Completion Date’ indicated in the first accepted programme. Does this mean that the PM has accepted the new planned completion date, therefore the ‘Completion date’ should move by 1 month? The process to move the ‘completion date’ will be officially communicated once the event is an officially executed CE?

No by accepting the programme does NOT mean that they accept the Completion Date should move by one month. Once the CE is evaluated and implemented, only then can Completion Date move by the amount agreed - which may be a month or may be less than a month (or nothing at all if they did not agree that this is a CE in the first place).

Furthermore, this event should not be at early warning stage as this IS already affecting planned Completion. An early warning is to notify something that MIGHT be an issue and then see what can be done about it. This is already affecting planned Completion so should already have been notified as a compensation event. If they agree it is one, they will instruct you to submit a quote and then assess the impact entitlement in terms of cost and time.

By accepting a programme showing planned Completion later than it was in a previous programme the PM is not accepting any liability for an extension of time. They are merely accepting that it is a realistic assessment of progress on site.

Liability is dealt with through the compensation event process specifically under clause 63.3. If you were to submit another programme showing the Completion Date one month later on the basis that you believe the PM has accepted and extension of time, the PM should reject the programme.

Thanks Glenn.

Thank you Neil