NEC compensation event - Drawing Change


Supposing tender offer is based on DWG revision xx as the basis of the offer. Job is awarded and drawings change adding significantly more quantities. Would this be covered under NEC compensation events or would be something that has to be specifically added to the contract? Hasn’t the employer changed the character of the work leading to more quantities, more time and thus a potential delay in producing said items?


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Yes, if the drawings have changed since award of the contract then this is a change to the Works Information/Scope and is a compensation event under the standard clause 60.1(1). There are a couple of exceptions from this (set out in the clause) that you need to check and also any potential Z clause amendments.


If it is an option B or D contract, and the Project Manager for some reason refuses (wrongly) to accept that it is a compensation event (for the reason given by Dave Bates) , there will be a compensation event for changed quantities.


Thanks both for the responses. I’ve had many instances where Project Managers issue instructions with a new set of drawings and issue it as if there is no cost impact? why would they do this when it is reasonable to assume the drawings increase or omit scope? trying to get something for free and hoping that you don’t notify?

To be clear would the additional work have to be quoted on the basis of the schedule of people rates in the “Contractor’s Contract Data”