Issuing drawings Compensation Event or PMI (or both!)

NEC4 Option B, If the design team are issuing revised drawings, do these always have to be issued with a PMI, or a Compensation event, or both?

If a Project Manager issues revised drawings which change the Scope this should be issued with a PMI, in accordance wih clause 14.3. The Project Manager is obliged to notify a compensation event at this time in accordance with clause 61.1.

So the drawings should be covered by a PMI, but an associated CE notification should also be issued.

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We have an extranet where designers upload drawings. I assume this needs to go through the PM? I’ve only ever done NEC D&B so not sure how it works with traditional contracts.

No problem.

Yes any changes to the Scope should be instructed by the PM via. PMI with associated CEN.

It’s working checking the Scope itself or any coverall PMIs - as these could require you to follow drawings issued on your document management system. Although, this wouldn’t amend the requirements above without any other contract amendments it could mean that you have to follow these drawings, even prior to issue of an individual PMI/CE.

The Contractor doesn’t have to use the new drawings until the are added to the scope via a PMI

Indeed, the Contractor would be constructing a Defect if it carried out works which are not in accordance with the Scope.