NEC 4 Schedule of Cost Components and IT costs

My question is where under the NEC 4 Schedule of Cost Components would we be entitled to claim the cost for IT equipment such as laptops, mobile phone, printers, software, e-mail account costs, BIM software and Microsoft licences etc ?

As this technology is being used as part of providing the works and communication would it be an allowable cost under section 3 Plant and Materials?

I would appreciate your guidance on this matter

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Hi Nick, I think the majority of the hardware you list is Equipment and therefore would be recoverable as Defined Cost under section 2 of the SCC. I’m not sure about the cost of an email account, didn’t even know there was a cost but internet charges are certainly recoverable under section 51. The cost of software and software licences would be treated as included within the Fee - see clause 52.1 - anything not included in Defined Cost is treated as included within the Fee. The basic rule is if you can’t find it in the SCC or SSCC then it’s treated as included within the Fee.

Plant and Materials is defined under 11.2(14) and are things which the Scope requires to be incorporated into the works - anything from concrete, bricks, lift motors, pumps, etc.

Hope that helps, happy to discuss.

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