NEC 3 Opt A - Activity Schedule

This ole chestnut again…

The activity schedule must mirror the programme and certainly the latest accepted programme; my question is, should it be necessary to update the AS each time a new programme is submitted (usually this is on a monthly basis), or, does it only have to be updated once a programme is accepted? The point being that in the event the programme is not accepted you have an updated activity schedule which does not necessarily reflect the content of the works to be done (or the works to be done as accepted by the PM).

I don’t believe it is necessary to update the AS. Cl 31.4 simply requires information to be provided to show how each activity relates to the programme, it does not require an updated AS

Thanks for your reply. So from a logistical point of view how would you deal with the submission of an application as usually the AS mirrors the programme and you just apply for the sums based on completion of activities once they have been done. In this particular case the programme is changing quite drastically each month therefore the agreed AS looks nothing like it and the dates are all to cock so to speak. So the only way I can see to deal with this is to adjust the AS to match the latest programme, even if it has not yet been accepted.

If the Contractor changes a planned method of working at his discretion so that the activities on the Activity Schedule do not relate to the operations on the Accepted Programme, he submits a revision of the Activity Schedule to the Project Manager for acceptance.
Therefore both the programme and activity schedule can be revised and submitted for acceptance at the same time. There are stated reasons for the Project Manager not accepting both of these documents.