Activity Schedule accepted, but not the programme

A Contractor has recently updated the activity schedule, however it does not closely follow the latest programme issued. The activity schedule prices have been moved around to suit the works completed on site, however the completion date is as per the contract and not the latest programme.
It has been suggested that the activity schedule should be accepted as the completion date has not been pushed back, however the programme is to be rejected.
Should this be done as it does not closely link with the latest accepted programme?

There are three reasons for not accepting the revised activity schedule - which are independent for the acceptance process for the programme. The first reason for not accepting a revised activity schedule are that it is not in line with the accepted programme - which in this case it sounds that it isn’t. The other two reasons are that the total does not add up to the Prices, and the costs are not reasonably distributed (i.e. front loaded). There are no dates on an activity schedule, so teh fact that Completion date has not moved should have no bearing as to whether the activity schedule should be accepted or not (clause 55.4 in NEC4, 54.3 in NEC4)

The four reasons for not accepting the programme are listed in 31.3, but in summary are

  1. activities not practicable
  2. doesn’t show information contract requires (i.e. compliant with 31.2/32.1)
  3. doesn’t reflect C plans realistically
  4. doesn’t comply with Scope

I would take each document - i.e. revised activity schedule and the revised programme, and consider each of them on their own merits as to whether one, both or none should be accepted.