Moving Materials between working areas

In the event that there are two Working Areas, not physically connected to one another. How is the title for material dealt with for items being moved from one to the other (an item fabricated in one working area and then moved to another for install?) Based on 70.2, title would revert back to the Employer.


As I read 70.2, the title to Materials would pass back to the Contractor for the duration of the journey and the title would pass to the Employer / Client on arrival at the second Working Area.

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My first question would be whether the fabrication area is really a Working Area. One of the quirks of NEC is that somewhere can be a working area in the Contract Data, but that doesn’t mean its a Working Area in accordance with 11.2(20) and the rest of the Contract. The main difference is that Working Areas have to be used only for work in the Contract. As a result a Contractor’s Head Office is unlikely to be a Working Area, because there will be all sorts going on there.

I’m therefore wondering if our fabrication area really is a Working Area.