Liability for stored Parts

We have procured a bunch of bought out parts for a project and have now been asked to store these for an additional period of time. We have procured them as stated on the drawings. The warranty period we have for these parts will expire before they leave storage and we are concerned that we will be left holding the risk that if these electrical parts fail once out of storage we will have to replace them as a defect. My question is who is liable for this cost? The parts may be defective but not a defect as we have followed the Works Information and the increased storage time is not of our own doing. We are not experts for these bought out parts.

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If the extended period is due to a compensation event then the risk of the parts failing should be considered in the assessment of that compensation event. You will have to explain why the extended period could cause failure that would not be the case for the original period envisaged.

If the extended period is not due to a compensation event then its your risk.

If it is due to a compensation event then I think there is merit in explaining the situation to the PM and deciding if it is sensible for the Employer to have the risk of failure then the PM could state an assumption for quotation purposes. This will obviously need careful discussion and wording.

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