JCT: Mechanism for agreeing general variations

We are a sub-contractor and are struggling to get variations agreed, the variations are growing in value and this is now becoming a worry. Can you advise if there any mechanisms in the JCT 2016 to allow the Sub-Contractor to request agreement of variations.

under the JCT contracts you can be required to carry out Variations without the need to pre agree the value. Clause 5 of most standard forms sets out the rules for valuation and Schedule 2 sets out a procedure to pre-agree the cost and time implications of a Variation. However the use of Schedule 2 is not compulsory. The Contractor can ask for a quotation but it is his choice. I would encourage the use of Schedule 2 by suggesting that you adopt it for all future variations. In the meantime you need to work hard on agreeing the ones that have already been instructed.

Thanks for the information, Schedule 2 is included in the contract documents but not being used, in all cases they are not referring to Schedule 2 and are just requesting a quotation.

Answered by @Tiplady above.