JCT: Can i refuse to action a variation instruction on the grounds of incomplete information being provided therein

We are a subcontractor who have received an instruction for repair works.

The information provided consists of handwritten notes and dimensions which do not reflect the full extent of works required and also lack a concise specification.

We could review the same and advise on what is actually required but are concerned that we could be seen to be taking on design responsibility of we contractually have none.

Furthermore by reviewing and advising we are burdening our site team with management/ administration which should be that of the main contractor and their designers.

It depends on the wording of your contract. There is no general right to object for example under the JCT Sub-Contracts although in relation to Variations or Changes under Clause 5.1.2 there is.

if you have no design responsibility then I would seek clarification of the issue with the Main Contractor and tell them that you need precise dimensions and drawings before you can commence the additional works.