JCT: Conflict in the measurement of variations

We have submitted our costs based upon the drawing that has been instructed, the Contractor is valuing the works, however, he is making no provisions for works required that are not shown on the drawing. e.g. the drawing will show a straight section of pipe and not show any bends etc. that may be required to co-ordinate with the structure or other services. When providing our assessment we have made due allowance for additional bends etc that we consider may be required, this is done at our risk if the costs are agreed at an early stage. The Contractor is making his assessment based upon exactly what is shown on the drawing (a straight section of pipe). Can we inform him that in lieu of a fair assessment made or acceptance of our submission that the variation costs will be subject to a site measure and the actual installation carried out.

Please can you confirm which JCT subcontract you are using?

JCT SBC without quantities 2016

If you have submitted a Variation Quotation and it has been accepted by the Contractor then it is the amount in the quotation that you will be paid subject to any further variations. So if the Contractor has provided you with a drawing showing a pipe run without bends that is exactly what you would quote for then if bends were required this would be a further Variation.

If there is no Variation Quotation then you are entitled to be paid for the work you have actually carried out provided what you have done was necessary to complete the Sub-Contract Works.

You should inform the Contractor that you disagree with their assessment and that you will be including the actual quantities required in your valuation.

Thanks Neil, that is the way are progressing.